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Are you willing to invest one evening per week to take your client results and your own physique to the next level?

The Bayesian PT Course is a 7-month, 100% online, evidence-based fitness education for fitness professionals or personal development.


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Next edition starting 1st of March 2019. Limited spots available.

Meet the tutor and original creator

Menno Henselmans

Online physique coach, fitness model and scientific author, I’m Menno Henselmans, the creator and director of Bayesian Bodybuilding.

Once a former business consultant specialized in advanced statistical data analysis, I traded my company car to do what I’m truly passionate about: help serious trainees attain their ideal physique. My background in science and statistics helped me form Bayesian Bodybuilding.

  • BSc magna cum laude
  • MSc with distinction
  • Published scientific author
  • Fitness model and competitor
  • International public speaker for i.a. the Oxford and Cambridge Alumni Association, the Norwegian Academy for Personal Training (AFPT) and the Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences (INFS).

Any of these sound familiar?

  • You know there’s tons of scientific information out there, but it’s just too overwhelming to apply in a systematic way.
  • You keep second-guessing the training and nutrition choices you’ve made for yourself and your clients: are they actually optimal, or am I missing something?
  • You lack the systems and tools to help your clients in the most efficient way possible.
  • You love our content, but you’re missing the scientific or practical framework it all fits into.
  • You wanted to follow a fitness course before, but you’re not sure you could give it your all with your busy life.

Course overview

100% Online

To educate our global audience, the course is fully online. All materials can be downloaded and studied at your own convenience, including live sessions and the optional physical meet-up.

Fully comprehensive

From the basics to the expert details, everything from nutrition and training to health, supplementation, psychology and how to set up your own business are covered in detail.

Science & Practice

The course is fully scientifically referenced with hyperlinks and illustrated by actual case studies of Menno's international level competitors.

Learn how to set up your business

A successful career requires more than just being an expert. We will teach you know to market yourself and become more popular.

Official Certification

You'll become an official Certified Bayesian Personal Trainer if you pass the exam.

Get educated by Menno Henselmans himself on how he gets his clients into phenomenal shape.

  • Watch over 20 hours of unpublished lectures.
  • Join the discussion of the course topics in our private Facebook group.
  • Live Q&A with Menno Henselmans and his team.

"I have never taken a course that backed up all its advice so well. Everything taught is backed not only by hundreds of research studies but also by hundreds of real-life examples.
Amazing course."

- Devin Ford, 6x regional CrossFit competitor, gym owner, nutrition coach and owner of

The Bayesian Method

We show you the available data and scientific findings on every topic. Then we teach you how to apply this in practice. You'll learn the full Bayesian Bodybuilding method and learn to develop your own method that suits your clients or yourself.

Forget advertising (although you’ll learn this too) and gimmicks. After this course, you can build your business on real results and word of mouth from the clients you successfully transformed.

Close to 1000 alumni went before you

  • Brianna Neuwirth Brianna Neuwirth Registered Nurse and Head Nutrition Coach of Neulinea LTD
    The Bayesian PT course has helped me to better align my coaching practice with the latest evidence in nutrition and training. The quality of education rivals and even exceeds that found in upper level university courses. It should be the standard by which all other PT courses are measured.
  • Dan Garner Dan Garner Best-selling author, Nutritional consultant, International lecturer
    Menno Henselmans has put together one of the best courses I have ever been through and I could fearlessly recommend his work to coaches anywhere. If you’re looking for a place to learn legitimate and thorough information on both training and nutrition that is filtered in a way that you can directly apply to your clientele, check out the Bayesian Bodybuilding certification. It’s the real deal.
  • Rhoda Lucas Rhoda Lucas BSc, MSc Nutrition & Dietetics
    As a dietitian and natural bodybuilding competitor, I was on the lookout for a highly specialized program that would summarize and provide insights into the most recent scientific evidence for what works, what doesn't work, and what's still up in the air.I searched high and low, but most fitness nutrition or PT programs were too basic or too general.And then I found the Bayesian Bodybuilding course, which has turned out to be exactly what I was after ... true evidence based fitness and bodybuilding training from a knowledgeable expert with real world experience.If you're after evidence based fitness knowledge and training for your coaching career, seriously, look no further. This is the gold.
  • Øystein Furnes Øystein Furnes Personal Trainer and competitive powerlifter
    There are so many lies and over-hyped ideas in the industry; finally I found a resource I can teach away to my clients with great confidence and peace of mind. The value I got from the small investment of this course is truly amazing.
  • Rawdon Dubois Rawdon Dubois State champion bodybuilder, club manager, Personal Trainer, CPC l5
    The Bayesian PT Course is exceptional value for money considering the amount of content that is covered and the added bonus is the "course chat room" which is a private forum monitored by Menno to discuss the weekly topics in detail; an amazing place to learn from like minded individuals in the industry where you can dot the I's and cross the T's of everything you learn!
  • Amir Pozderac Amir Pozderac
    If you think two degrees, all of the NASM's certs and endless reading for over 15 years helps one "figure out a few things in fitness", think again!Menno's course is definitely THE best investment I have ever made in my education. You will learn things in such depth that most of what you have known before will seem like you were just scratching the surface. The greatest investment you will ever make is in your skills, knowledge and deep understanding of the field you love. Look no further than this course as there is nothing out there that compares!
  • Dr. Serguei Novikov Dr. Serguei Novikov DrSc (Dr.rer.nat.), competitive powerlifter
    I’ve read everything I could reach on the topic of nutrition and training since 1986 and now I’m astonished how much I have learned in the short time since this course began. Great stuff, scientific and professional. This is my third iteration of Bayesian Education, and I’m going to continue with it.I would highly recommend to anyone else who’s seriously interested in bringing up his / her knowledge on the topic doing the same.
  • Zach Moore Zach Moore MA, CSCS, USAW, Pn2, Personal Trainer; Coach and Research Coordinator at Precision Nutrition
    Menno's PT course was one of the best investment choices I have made for my continuing education. Each topic in the syllabus is covered thoroughly and he has both anecdotal evidence and research to back up his principles and methods. If the course topics look interesting to you, definitely sign up!
  • Vivek Ghangas Vivek Ghangas Online Fitness Coach at
    I feel that the most important thing this course offered was the Bayesian thinking process, which makes us unique among rest of the scientific crowd in fitness. I'm really happy that I could follow the course along with a full time job and other commitments.The lectures consisted of review of the relevant scientific literature and their practical applications in fitness coaching.The class group was well organized and fellow students could discuss the topics taught at one place and clarify doubts with Menno. I enjoyed the course and I couldn't ask for more than this: I'm satisfied!
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"The Bayesian Bodybuilding PT Course is one of the, if not the, most comprehensive and scientifically up-to-date bodies of knowledge in the fitness industry today [...] It is highly recommended for all trainers, coaches, and athletes who are truly serious in their craft."

Noel Blanco, actor, stuntman, model, martial artist and personal trainer

"I found the Bayesian Bodybuilding PT course to be exceptional. The vast amount of science based and researched information presented by Menno in the course was above and beyond what one would expect.

I gained an immense amount of knowledge on training, nutrition, and programming for body composition changes as well as for overall fitness and health. Anybody wanting to enhance their credentials and career in the fitness industry or obtain invaluable information for their own personal knowledge should sign up for the next course immediately.

Certainly the most comprehensive course I have taken... Superb!"

Dr. Larry Feinman, DC, CSCS

"The PT course has completely changed the way I work as a personal trainer. Before the course I was trying to figure out what kind of trainer I was and how I should approach my clients. Now I feel like I've finally managed to systematize my business and the increase in knowledge is mind-blowing! There is so much information in the course: highly recommended!"

Elís Mar Einarsson, personal trainer and online coach at

"The Bayesian PT course is really in a class of its own. The course materials, open dialogue, and design are fantastic. I find myself going back to the course documents quite often to refresh my memory.

From macros to food choices to supplements the Bayesian PT course has everything you need. My most recent cut has been infinitely easier thanks to some of the things I learned during the PT course.

You don’t just learn the methodology but learn the reasoning and science behind the Bayesian method. I would highly recommend this course to all fitness professionals and people like me that are really interested in nutrition and exercise."

Matthew Van Shellenbeck, CPA

"The Bayesian PT course is (and will probably always be) the best course I’ve ever attended regarding training and nutrition. Menno’s (and team’s) approach to the material is very straightforward and fully evidence-based. I definitely recommend this course."

Nuno Azevedo, Personal Trainer

"I would recommend The Bayesian Bodybuilding course with highest regards. I have been to several bodybuilding seminars and took a different personal training certification course a few years ago.

However, I found myself telling everyone how wonderful this course was in comparison. It offered a useful and unique format along with fluent references to the application of the materials. I am truly grateful for Menno sharing his passion and dedication, and would encourage others to participate in his next course."

Linda Mirabito, Natural Professional Bodybuilder, USAG National Certified Gymnastics coach

"The Bayesian PT course is well researched and covers topics in amazing depth. The clarity of thought and reasoning that runs through the course is almost mesmerising. Most importantly, it tells you whether a particular methodology works or not without intellectualising on the subject too much.

I am yet to come across a course which is as practical and comprehensive as this one. Honoured to be learning from you, Menno!"

Jyoti Dabas, N.D., Holistic Health Practitioner, author and blogger at
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“The Bayesian Bodybuilding Course is easily the most informative and practical course I have ever been involved with. It has literally changed my entire approach to not only myself but also for my clients and the way I educate personal trainers.

I have never felt more confident in writing programs, devising nutritional and lifestyle strategies and providing an excellent all round service for my clients.

The quality of the content is second to none and it really shows how heavily Menno (and the entire Bayesian Bodybuilding team) is entrenched into the research. I could literally not recommend this course enough to anyone who wants to truly maximise their own development physically and mentally. The only downside is realising how much time and energy you have wasted previously.”

Ivan Gavranic, Education Manager, BSc Sport Science, BSc Nutrition, Personal Trainer at

“From exercise technique to ideas about nutrition, the Bayesian Bodybuilding course has provided several new lines of thought for both me and my clients. The course has challenged several fitness ‘truths’ I previously held dear and provided science-based answers in their place. Perhaps most importantly, Menno’s course gives you the tools necessary to conduct your own research with a critical eye.

This course is a must for anyone looking to advance their training knowledge, gain a new perspective and improve their physique.”

Conor Heffernan, Personal Trainer, writer and historian, owner of Physical Culture Study

"Excellent material, very in-depth and practical. In my profession it's crucial to know how to identify sources of valuable information and legitimate expertise, and I can say without a doubt that Menno and his PT course meet both of those criteria.

I fully recommend it to anyone who is frustrated from reading contradictory fitness articles every week and wants to learn truly evidence-based methods."

Justin Buttrick, AAMS, competitive powerlifter

“Having been in the fitness industry for 10 years, the Bayesian Bodybuilding PT Course has been by far the best course I have completed, both for quality and quantity of information and value for money.

I would (and have) highly recommend this course to any trainers in the fitness industry. I feel my knowledge has increased drastically, but more importantly, my ability to think critically and apply the information has improved markedly too. Menno is a fantastic educator and I am looking forward to doing this course again next time.”

Paul Stevenson, Personal Trainer

"Menno is able to distill his vast knowledge and experience into an understandable, utmost interesting, practical and sometimes even fun series of lectures. I am just a fitness enthusiast and taking this course was a big leap, but it turned out to be one of those experiences I will never regret. Superb value for money. Thank you for an awesome 6 months, Menno!"

Matthijs van Geffen

"As a dietitian and natural bodybuilding competitor, I was on the lookout for a highly specialized program that would summarize and provide insights into the most recent scientific evidence for what works, what doesn't work, and what's still up in the air.

I searched high and low, but most fitness nutrition or PT programs were too basic or too general.

And then I found the Bayesian Bodybuilding course, which has turned out to be exactly what I was after ... true evidence based fitness and bodybuilding training from a knowledgeable expert with real world experience.

If you're after evidence based fitness knowledge and training for your coaching career, seriously, look no further. This is the gold."

Rhoda Lucas, BSc, MSc Nutrition & Dietetics

Are you willing to invest one night of studying per week for the certification that will propel your career forward?


"Superb and honestly worth ten times the price. I can't think of a better form of continued professional development. Quite honestly I can say that this was the best learning experience of my entire life. [...] The course has a fluid informal feel, whilst encouraging everyone to interact and benefit from each other's questions and experiences. Menno is rare in that he interprets, implements and teaches a completely rational, evidence-based approach but with clear creativity and flair."

- Steven M. Kemp (Online Coach and Vlogger)

Scientific information made simple by visual learning.

"I have learned so much... the astounding knowledge and advice has given me the platform to achieve great things."

- Nina Ross, IFBB Pro Bikini athlete, BSc (hons.), international title holder in Bikini, Figure and Body Fitness

In-depth exercise instructions

  • Learn to tweak exercises for highest muscle activity.
  • Learn the biomechanics to train around injuries.
  • Learn how to cue practically anyone to squat to parallel in 1 session.

Don’t miss out on the best investment you’ll make to your Personal Training career or personal development

"The depth of the material goes beyond anything you will find in the current literature or typical PT courses offered. If you are at all interested in furthering your knowledge with an evidence based approach, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity!"

- Børge A. Fagerli, inventor of Myo-reps, Biorhythm and Nutrition expert, owner of

Course benefits


Full access to systems and tools that give you an unfair advantage. We don't believe in every coach reinventing their own wheel. We share our systems with our students.

Visual content

Extensive, visually supported chapters on everything training and nutrition: from getting shredded without counting calories to the science of optimal training programming to the science of health.

Scientifically up-to-date

Because we provide our documents online, we're one of the only educations out there that's really updated to last month's scientific findings.

Extensive exercise library and instructions

An extensive exercise library with in-depth technique discussions, including exercises you've never seen before. Don't miss out on optimizing the actual movements you or your clients do. Not only when it comes to muscle growth, but also when considering injury prevention or management.

From theory to practice

From theory to practice: training and nutrition case studies and programming examples and discussions.

Networking and community building

Get into contact with like-minded individuals that set the stage for business collaborations, learning experiences, and new friendships.

Creating a profitable coaching business

A module on how to set up a successful PT/coaching business, including step-by-step on client acquisition funnels, such as building an email list and social media following.

Closed Facebook group discussions and live Q&A videos with Menno

In addition to every month's contents and course modules, you get access to a course discussion group on Facebook in which Menno Henselmans answers all your questions and hosts several live video Q&A sessions, all for the monthly price of just $10 more than a single video consult with Menno.

"I can not thank Menno enough for providing such a good learning platform! This is a must for every personal trainer or strength training enthusiast who wants to know what works (best) and what doesn’t![...] the part about pain/injuries kinda blew my mind. I think there’s more useful info in those 27 pages than I was taught during 4 years at the Norwegian school of health sciences studying to be an osteopath!"

- Sigvar Garfors
National powerlifting champion, Personal Trainer, Osteopath and Norwegian national team bodybuilder,

And as a bonus...

  • Have your personal training services featured and promoted by Bayesian Bodybuilding for free on the Bayesian trainer page.
  • Videos and articles on a new topic every week.
  • Live Q&A with Menno Henselmans.
  • Client case studies of Menno Henselmans's clients, from average Joe to international title holders.
  • Unlimited access to Menno Henselmans's inbox for private questions.
  • Ready-to-send guides and tips for your clients on sleep optimization, stress management, how to implement accommodating resistance, how to deal with cheat meals and social eating events and much more.

Content overview

The 7-month curriculum

We will present and discuss a new chapter of content every week

Show Training module contents +

  • Understanding how muscle grows
    • Neural and morphological adaptations to strength training
    • Mechanisms of muscle growth
    • Strength vs. size
    • Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy
  • Cardio for fat loss
  • Optimal training program design: volume, frequency and intensity
  • Interindividual variability: why there’s no one-size-fits-all program
    • Autoregulation & muscle-specific hypertrophy
    • Work capacity
    • Gender specific programming: including contraception, pregnancy, the menstrual cycle and other female specific topics
    • Age specific programming: the elderly and youth
  • The fitness lifestyle
    • Circadian rhythm control
    • Optimizing sleep quality
    • Stress management
  • Optimizing your exercise selection
    • Accommodating resistance: biomechanics, bands and chains
    • Exercise selection reference list
    • Counting volume: how much does a certain exercise stimulate a certain muscle?
    • Training in a home gym
  • Repetition tempo
  • Exercise technique
    • Internal vs. external cueing
    • The mind-muscle connection
  • Rest intervals
    • Active recovery
  • Optimizing your exercise ordering
    • Circuit training, (antagonistic) supersets and paired sets
  • Advanced training techniques for muscle hypertrophy
    • Training to failure, forced reps and drop sets
    • RPEs and autoregulation
    • Reverse pyramiding, cluster sets and myo-reps
    • Weighted stretching
    • Eccentric emphasized training/eccentric overloading
    • Post-activation potentiation
    • KAATSU/blood flow restriction training
  • Periodization and progression
    • Cybernetic/autoregulatory, undulating and linear periodization
    • Benchmarking and autoregulation
    • What is fatigue?
    • Overtraining, overreaching and deloading
    • Autoregulatory Volume Training and Reactive Deloading
  • Training program case studies and Q&A
  • Injury management and flexibility training
    • Injury diagnosis, treatment and active recovery
    • Pain science
    • Ice vs. heat, NSAIDs and RICE
    • Rehabilitative equipment: braces, sleeves, tape, etc.
    • Stretching
    • Foam rolling and massage
    • Chiropractic
    • Warming up and cooling down
    • Common injuries of each body part
  • Training gear
    • Weightlifting belts
    • Footwear: what to wear in the gym
    • Knee wraps
    • Lifting straps
Show Nutrition module contents +

  • Do-it-yourself science & Bayesian reasoning
  • Optimizing macros: protein intake
  • Optimizing macros: carbohydrate intake
  • Optimizing macros: fat intake
  • Customizing the diet to an individual, including carb tolerance testing
  • Ketogenic dieting: a complete overview
  • Human metabolism
    • What is energy? Thermodyamics and energy balance
    • Determinants of energy expenditure, refeeds, set-point theory, metabolic damage, adaptive thermogenesis, reverse dieting and the yo-yo effect
  • Optimizing caloric intake: cutting, bulking and body recomposition
    • Cut or bulk?
  • Tracking progress
    • Weight vs. body composition
    • How to measure body fat percentage
    • How to track your macros
  • Nutrient timing I
    • Intermittent fasting & alternate day fasting
    • Meal frequency
    • Circadian rhythm effects
  • Nutrient timing II
    • Fasted training
    • Workout nutrition and the anabolic window
  • Nutrition case studies and Q&As
  • Client compliance and program adherence: the psychology of how to stick to your diet and exercise program
    • Psychological effects of nutrition
    • Goal setting
    • Client empowerment
    • Cheat meals
    • Food cravings
    • Assessing client adherence and motivation
  • Ad libitum dieting: how to lose fat and gain muscle without tracking your macros
  •  Health science and food choices
    • What makes a diet healthy?
    • Effects of food processing
    • Organic food
    • Cholesterol
    • Saturated fat
    • Low calorie sweeteners, sugar and dietary fiber
    • Food choices for health and anabolism
  • Beauty
    • Tanning
    • Acne
    • Hair loss
    • Cellulite
Show Business module contents +

  • Marketing basics
  • Online coaching benefits
  • Getting online coaching clients
    • Finding your strengths
    • Picking a niche
    • Niche authorities
    • The canvas method
    • Building your email list (Facebook ads, lead magnets)
    • Promotion tactics
    • First clients' service
    • Developing systems
    • Testimonials
  • Leveraging social media
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Youtube
    • Twitter
Show PT Tools contents +

  • Standard client intake form
  • Energy expenditure calculator
  • Body fat percentage calculator
  • Training status calculator
  • Comprehensive optimal exercise list
  • Managing illness guide
  • Stress management guide
  • Optimizing sleep guide
  • Case studies on training and nutrition

An overview of what you get...

  • The latest scientific findings on Training, Nutrition and Psychology, all in separate chapters with practical applications. A knowledge base that you can refer to for life.
  • Over 20 hours of video lectures
  • Dozens of client case studies
  • Full exercise library with extensive technique discussions
  • Dozens of ready-to-use systems, tools, and guides for program optimization
  • Networking possibilities that brought about multiple professional collaborations and friendships
  • A private FB group with 24/7 (and video) question-and-answer with Menno Henselmans (note: single consultations with Menno cost more than the monthly fee)
  • A certificate that will put you at the top of the industry’s food chain
  • Don’t miss out on the best investment you will do for your personal development and professional career
Enrolments closed.

Further financial benefits

  • You can pay monthly in 7 installments or upfront via Paypal or bank transfer. Payments start at the date you sign up.
  • Don't agree with the 99% satisfied students? You can leave the course at any time and stop paying (see exact terms below).
  • Enroll with 3+ PTs of the same gym and you all get a $398 discount. Bigger group discounts negotiable via [email protected]
  • You can declare the course as a business expense to save a lot of tax money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I have to be present at specific times?
No, all materials can be downloaded and studied at your own convenience, including live sessions and the physical meet-up. We have students from all over the world.

I'm going on vacation during the course period. Can I still follow the course?
Sure, many people have a holiday sometime during the course. You can follow the course at your own pace. That said, most people have found that they benefit from keeping up with the group. In principle, it’s exactly like following a part-time online college degree.

How intensive is the course?
The course is designed to be part-time, so you can follow it alongside your work or studies, but it will require a serious time commitment, such as in the evenings or in the weekends.

At a minimum you want to have one free evening per week and several days before the exam to follow the course. (Unless you’re not interested in the certification. Then you can of course work through everything at your own pace.)

If you don’t get around to studying all the materials before the exam, you can postpone the exam to the next course round.


Do I need to have any minimum education level before I can join the course?
No, the course covers every topic from level A to Z. Of course, if you don’t know what carbohydrates or exercise repetitions are, you’ll have to invest more time to learn everything than others.

Could you tell me more about the exam?
It’s an open-book exam that takes place via online software also used by Yale University. The Latin Honors system is used for grading and this will be printed on your hard-copy certificate. The pass rate is ~97%. There are no resits, just like in life: you get one exam per course registration. You can, however, postpone the exam indefinitely to a future round of the course.

Do I have to be a fitness professional to join the course?
No, many non-professionals have already followed the course simply for the sake of self-improvement and their personal education. You don’t even have to take the exam if you don’t care about becoming certified.