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Non-contest prep coaching

A short 4 weeks before my WBFF show in Birmingham I teamed up with Richard to get me in the best shape I've ever been.

Richard supported me through all the ups and down of this crucial period. Every time I got off track, he managed to get me back on. I have to say this is the most valuable aspect of having Richard as a prepping coach.

Frank Wempe
WBFF Muscle Model

Bayesian Bodybuilding coach Richard Bell is specialized in preparing motivated people for a contest.

With supervision from Menno Henselmans, Richard will help you look your absolute best on stage.

Past clients and contest categories


Nina Ross

Coached by Menno Henselmans


Bernice Sangers

Coached by Menno Henselmans

Mens Physique

Jan Vroomen

Coached by Richard Bell


Emil Krustew

Coached by Richard Bell

Main benefits of online coaching

  • Track record of highly successful clients

    Multiple champions have become under Richard’s supervision.

  • Contest prep specialist

    Author and successful implementor of contest prep materials we teach at the Bayesian PT course.

  • Up close & personal

    Because direct communication is key in the context of a prepping phase.

  • Beyond the show: post-show care

    It doesn’t end before it’s really over and setting you up for future success.

  • Meticulous tracking and monitoring

    Because having a plan is great, but only when it works.

What others say about Richard:

I’ve been following Richard Bell for a long time on social media. His competitors looked quite aesthetic, lean and most importantly they are natural athletes. In the sport of bodybuilding many use stimulants, but there are methods that savvy coaches use to prep people naturally.

During my cut I spontaneously decided to compete, since my peak form was close to the Bulgarian Nationals. I had 30 days to prep and I was also ready to step on the stage against steroid users. Luckily, my current coach and friend Nikola (who is also coached by Richard), showed him some pictures of me and made the liaison. After we “met” we began working immediately because there was no time.

Despite there being only 30 days to the competition, every day of Richards advice and presence I saw improvements. This was my second prep, but unlike my first time there was almost no stress.

Emil Krustew
Winner Classic Bodybuilding Bulgarian National Championships 2017

Richard Bell is one of the top coaches that I have ever worked with. He was there for me every step of the way. I had 1000 questions and he answered every single one of them and replied in a fast and timely manner.

My goal was to perfect my physique for a photoshoot and my first bodybuilding contest afterwards. Richard helped me do that and I can definitely say that I achieved my goals and I feel satisfied by the results.

I would definitely recommend Richard as a coach because, in my opinion, he is not only very good at what he does but he is a good person as well. That’s another feature of his that makes him stand out from the crowd of PTs because he really cares about his clients and I could tell that from day 1 of working with him. 


There are very few people in the field that are as knowledgeable as Richard is. He truly knows what he's talking about. For this reason, he was the only colleague I'd ever trust to coach me during my prep for the Open Rotterdamse Kampioenschappen. He proved me right, since we ultimately won the 90+kg class!

Winner bodybuilding 90+kg class, Open Rotterdam Championships 2017

Richard is by far the best coach I could ever ask for. He's very open, committed, professional and caring. If you give yourself 100%, he will give you so much more than just the 100% you would expect; he really goes that extra mile!

No stone will be left unturned and with this personal approach there's always a very safe environment that won't only get you the best possible results, but also an incredible coach who truly cares. 

Jan Vroomen
Dutch National Junior Champion 2017

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No-results-money-back guarantee:

If after following our program meticulously for a month, you have not progressed, we will give you all your money back.

Testimonial discount:

We’ll give you a 5% discount if you allow us to use your semi-anonymized data and photos (e.g. face blurred or cropped) for professional purposes, like case studies in our online Bayesian PT Course.