The scientific literature of health and fitness is always growing. We want to ensure your growth along with it.

That's why we made a complete, easy-to-digest overview of the most important studies from 2017.

This enables you to make the best informed decisions on Nutrition, Training and Psychology for optimal (client) results, without the hassle of going through hundreds of papers.

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  • A whole year of research compiled in reader-friendly and fun infographics.
  • Contains over 120 of the most important studies.
  • Includes over 60 never-shown-before infographics.
  • Stop linking to dull scientific papers to prove your point. Send a screenshot of the study’s infographic to share your wisdom.
  • 2017 was a great year for research. This ebook has all the findings you should be aware of as a strength trainee.

Table of Contents

  • Topic 1: Mechanisms of muscle growth

    Research on the advancements in uncovering the basic physiological principles that govern muscle growth.

  • Topic 2: Training and muscle hypertrophy and strength

    2017’s research on program design (intensity, volume, frequency) for the best results in muscle hypertrophy and strength.

  • Topic 3: Training techniques

    Which techniques can you employ inside your workout to improve results? All 2017’s findings on BFR, rest periods, dropsets, supersets, and more.

  • Topic 4: Exercises

    Which exercises stimulate certain muscles most? And at which range of motion? A recap of 2017’s research.

  • Topic 5: Training recovery

    2017’s research on which factors decrease or enhance recovery from weight training.

  • Topic 6: Training and Health

    This year’s studies that show the benefits of training on health, including flexibility, posture, and balance.

  • Topic 7: Stretching and (P)rehab

    This year’s research on the effects of stretching, foam rolling, and (p)rehab protocols.

  • Topic 8: Nutrition and body composition

    The scientific advances in nutritional practices and their effect on muscle gain and fat loss.

  • Topic 9: Nutrition and health

    How do certain types of diet affect human health? New research gives us answers.

  • Topic 10: Ketogenic diets

    2017’s research on ketogenic diets and their effects on numerous physiological outcomes.

  • Topic 11: Protein consumption and timing

    The most-talked-about macronutrient in fitness circles. What has 2017’s research uncovered?

  • Topic 12: Female-specific research

    A woman’s physiology is different from a man’s. The scientific community is finally catching up, with an increasing amount of studies in the fitness domain. This topic showcases 2017’s most important research.

  • Topic 13: Psychology

    This year’s most important research on how psychology affects training and nutrition, and vice-versa.

  • Topic 14: Supplements

    What are the hottest supplements of 2017? More importantly: is it validated by science?

  • Topic 15: Lifestyle

    What do certain lifestyle choices do to your fitness and health results? This topic showcases the latest research.

  • Topic 16: Miscellaneous

    ‘Special’ (or pioneering) 2017 research that doesn’t fit any of the previous categories.

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Meet the makers

Richie Hedderman

I started Hurricane Fitness 4 years ago. Starting out as a Boxer at the age of 11 and having been involved in various other sports since I was 6 years old, winning International medals in Boxing, I began running fitness classes in 2011 and since then have gone on to work alongside World and Olympic champions, amateur and professional bodybuilders, clinical and general populations from the ages of 9 to 88 years old, male and female.

Thomas Campidell

Fascinated by human beings in general, I love learning and teaching concepts that enhance our experience of life. Lifting weights and nutrition are a big part of that as well as constant self improvement. I am currently doing my MSc in Psychology and plan to work as a coach in the near future.

Fredrik Tonstad Vårvik

My interest in science and research developed more and more during my bachelors. I am currently doing my Masters degree in Exercise Physiology with resistance training as my main interest. Besides working with research and my studies, I also run the FredFitology blog.

Anastasia Zinchenko

While synthesizing fancy molecules and creating artificial cells for my PhD, I realized that lifting heavy stuff is the “magic pill” to stay cool. This is when I decided to combine my scientific background with my passion for fitness and nutrition. When you take a scientist, powerlifter, bodybuilder, coach, vegan and a rational thinker and shake it well, you get me.

Other cool facts: Fluent in Russian, German and English, PhD at Cambridge, National level powerlifter, dissertation at CalTech, MSc with distinction.

Stijn van Willigen

Since my teens I've been fascinated by the human body. What it’s capable of. What it can adapt to. When it comes the training and nutrition for aesthetics, performance, and health, science is an immense source of information. Great! However: it’s immense. And boring. (To most people, at least.)
A ‘healthy obsession’ with the human body turned into a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology, and what I like to do most now: giving motivated people science-based tools to be the best version of themselves.