StrongCast Radio: The Bayesian Bodybuilding Method

Vid from StrongCast Radio interviewed Menno Henselmans about what sets the Bayesian Bodybuilding apart.


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Overview with time stamps

  • A quick breakdown of who Menno is, and a rough intro to the Bayesian Bodybuilding approach – 3:00
  • How and why Menno first got into the gym – 5:30
  • The mistakes which he made early on in his training – 8:00
  • At which point he started taking a more evidence-based approach to his training – 10:00
  • An in-depth breakdown of the hallmark factors of Bayesian Bodybuilding – 12:00
  • Explaining what’s neccesary to achieve elusive goal of gaining muscle while losing fat concurrently – 23:30
  • Figureing out your individual anabolic windows and how to take advantage of them – 30:00
  • Menno constructs a sample plan for an ‘avatar’ example – 40:00
  • The pitfalls many people face simply due to psychologicla factors – 50:00
  • The “Quick Questions” begin – 1:01:00



  1. Jan Smith says:

    Great overview. It was interesting to hear your humble beginnings. Looking forward to starting your course.

  2. zäck says:

    Where did you get all your knowledge about fitness without studying exercise science?

    Did you all learn it by yourself?

  3. alex markov says:

    So much wisdom for free – thanks for sharing!

  4. Toro Do says:

    Great interview as always. I have 1.5 question: what is wrong with fasted training (it wasn’t clear from the interview)? To neglect the negative impact, would taking simple carbs (and no protein) be sufficient? Thanks in advance!

  5. Jordan says:

    Really enjoyed this episode, specifically about the nutrient timing aspects.
    Couple of Q’s.
    The differences in the MPS ‘window’ you mention in trained vs untrained – does it still peak at the same time for both groups, and just drop off sooner the more advanced you become, or is the whole fractional synthetic rate vastly different?

    If someone were a beginner (3 years training) training 2-3 times per week, could they still see benefits from applying some of the timing principles you suggest; such as incorporating more nutrients in the pre/post workout periods, and reducing overall calories further away from training?

    • The whole time-curve of MPS shifts, not just the peak. A beginner needn’t worry about this much yet, but after 3 years of training you shouldn’t be a beginner anymore if you were things remotely right.

  6. Toro Do says:

    Quick question: what is the minimum leucine threshold in your humble opinion? I see studies mentioned by Layne Norton that advocate ~3g, while Stuart Phillips think it is much less.

  7. Sam says:

    Hi Menno,

    What is your protein recommendation on a ketogenic diet, does it change from your standard prescription of 1.8g/kg? and is it different for cutting and bulking?

    • It may be lower on a ketogenic diet if needed to reach the desired level of ketosis.

      As for cutting, see

      • Sam says:

        Thanks Menno,

        The reason I ask is that the team over at a certain ketogenic bodybuilding site seem to say that the level of ketones in the blood doesn’t matter and that protein doesn’t need to be restricted.

        What are your thoughts about that? (assuming increasing muscle mass is the goal)

        • Purely for muscle growth it likely doesn’t matter, though some shaky research suggests a ketogenic diet is favorable for protein balance and muscle growth.

          • Sam says:

            My main concern is that eating too much protein will sort of leave you in a less than optimal middle ground where you are aren’t really getting the benefits of a ketogenic diet and at the same time are also missing out on the benefits of increasing carb intake.

            I guess it’s a case of more research needing to be done.

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