State of the fitness industry, carbs vs. fat, metabolic damage [Interview]

Primal Edge Health interviewed me about the current state of the fitness industry, carbs vs. fat, metabolic damage, veganism and diet pitfalls. I think we go off-topic a few times, but in between the banter, there’s serious content.



  1. Diez says:

    That Vegan Gains guy is awful and such a bully, I really wish you would have gotten more to why he is wrong and why Veganism isn’t optimal. I wanted the broscience basher (menno) to take him to school and hopefully maybe even change his perspective so he can stop advocating so much BS. Or do you find Veganism healthy?

    • It’s possible but very difficult to have a very healthy vegan diet.

      • Michael says:

        I must disagree with Mr. Henselmans. It is not only possible, but easy to have a very healthy vegan diet. Perhaps non-vegans find this diet daunting, but as with anything else, once you learn how to do it correctly — and it doesn’t take very long to learn — it is as easy to be a healthy vegan as it is to be healthy on any other diet.

        • I’d say that’s objectively false, as a non-vegan always has all vegan options and then some, so a vegan diet is by nature more difficult to follow.

          • If you’re tracking your calories/macros at all, then following a vegan diet is not more difficult. Once you’re paying attention, you’re paying attention. Buying seitan or tofu instead of beef or chicken is not more difficult, it’s just a different choice.

            Get your calcium, B12, and iodine needs met, and suddenly there’s no difference, as these are the three nutrients which vegans are typically deficient. By contrast, an omnivorous diet is typically deficient in seven nutrients (, so an argument can be made that vegan diets are easier to make nutritionally complete.

            So I’ll have to disagree with you that it’s “objectively” easier to follow an omnivorous diet, unless you consider filling deficiencies in calcium, fiber, folate, iodine, magnesium, vitamin C, and vitamin E to be easier than filling deficiencies in B12, calcium, and iodine alone. It seems to be that if a complete micronutrient profile is your goal, it’s objectively easier to be vegan.

            Options aside, few people are getting complete nutrition. Paying attention is the key factor, which is what this blog is all about.

            Love your articles, was surprised by this comment, which is why I spoke up. I’m an animal lover and I find that sharing the best information leads to making the best decisions.

          • It’s objectively easier, because you have more options.

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