Drugs, IIFYM and evidence-based fitness [video interview]

Arguably Menno’s most politically incorrect podcast, Jonny and Yusef from Propane Fitness interviewed Menno about drug use, IIFYM, metabolic damage, evidence-based fitness and a whole bunch of other stuff.


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Time Stamps

01:17      Introducing Menno Henselmans, former Business Consultant & Statistician turned bodybuilder and coach.
03:55Menno’s approach to on-line coaching and innovative, evidence based content.
09:12Menno’s justification for lower protein consumption & critique of supplement companies.
14:23Thoughts on IIFYM, Nutrient timing and Cholesterol.
26:30How vegans and vegetarians can optimise their diet for bodybuilding.
32:00What Menno has learned from mistakes made over the last 5 years.
40:01Jonny & Menno’s opposing views on stretching and mobility.
47:41Effects of aggressive dieting and Metabolic Damage.
52:56Thoughts on Alcohol and its implications for protein synthesis and energy mitigation.
60:02Menno on stimulants – Caffeine, Pre-workouts and GHB
75:15Wrap up and references.



  1. Soren says:

    You seem to say that caffeine has a tolerance and withdrawal profile that makes it not worth it for higher doses but probably worth it at 100mg per day. That’s interesting, can you link me to any reading on this? I may get back into it then.

  2. Jeff says:

    When you’re talking about protein needs, I keep getting confused. Is your range 1.8-2.7 grams of protein/kilogram of Bodyweight or Lean Body Mass?

  3. Andreas says:

    how do i download it?

  4. Toro Do says:

    Stretching reduces IGF-1. Why is this a bad thing? I thought excessive IGF-1 has been thought to be a potential enabler of cancel, no?

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