The Mind Body Podcast with Menno Henselmans [interview]

Lidor Dayan interviewed Menno Henselmans on the Mind Body Podcast about a host of different topics. The sound quality isn’t the best, but hopefully the content makes up for that.


1. How did it all begin ( 1:25-2:45)

2. Doubts and insecurities when building your own brand ( 2:45-6:10)

3. What does it take to make a living from online consulting (6:10-8:45)

4. Overcoming overeating and food addiction and switching your mind into a “deficit mode” (8:45-13:30)

5. Managing cortisol levels ( 13:30-17:50)

6. The effect of stress on building muscle (17:50-18:25)

7. Overcoming muscle imbalances ( 18:25-21:57)

8. Using different techniques such as super sets, drop sets, into your program( 21:57-24:31)

9. Reaching our maximum muscle potential (24:31-28:00)

10. Overcoming unnecessary weight gain while bulking (28:00-30:17)

11. The effect of changing your exercise selection (30:17-32:19)

12. Intermittent fasting and fasting in terms of losing fat/gaining muscle (32:19-40:16)

13. Do you really need supplements? ( 40:16-44:41)

14. The legacy of menno henselmans (44:41)


Click here for the Soundcloud version.



  1. Rikard Dahl says:

    Great as always! What type of melatonin do you take? I got a pharmaceutical 2mg depot kind on prescription which was very effective but a standard supplement with 3mg doesn’t seem to work for me.

  2. Dane Knighton says:

    Hey Menno,

    Great content as always. How do you actually prevent this postprandial somnolence from occurring then? (Or at least minimising the effects) Eating smaller meals?

    Many thanks!

    • It’s tricky. Depending on the time of day, the macronutritional content can play a role, with protein generally causing the least fatigue. Certain foods may be worse than others, especially if someone has intolerances, which is common. Overall though, total energy intake has a big impact, so sometimes smaller meals are needed to stay sharp.

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