Myth busting & optimizing the ketogenic diet [interview]

Luis from KetoGains interviewed me about common myths surrounding the ketogenic diet and how to optimize a ketogenic diet for strength trainees. Here’s the full video interview.





  1. Rikard Dahl says:

    Great interview! I think the 1200 (I’ve heard 1400) kcal limit before things start going south goes back to Lyle Mcdonald.

  2. Seth says:

    Excellent points on salt, salt is the perfect, non-caloric, flavor enhancer. I relied heavily on salt to achieve a 50 kg weight loss. We’ve done a huge disservice by demonizing it.

  3. Rafael says:

    I “discovered” this site today and I’m impressed with the content so far. I would like to learn more about fitness and nutrition and this seems to be the place to find information. Is there a complete list of articles available anywhere on the site?

  4. Alex says:

    Great interview!

    Targeted Ketogenic diets with small carb window during lifting sessions have given me lots of results!

  5. Christian says:

    Another fascinating interview!

    I don’t eat any carbs, except perhaps a bit of fruit and veggies but I do consume lots of fat and protein and manage my workouts without tiring fine. I’m assuming I’m using my fat as my energy source as nature provided.

  6. Aziz says:

    Hi Menno,

    I just discovered this website today as well, and was wondering about this post and how you’re an advocate of a Ketogenic diet now.

    It seems the Ketogenic diet has been exposed as a fad that is not scientifically backed up or accurate.

    Please check these:

    Could you please share your answer to that information?

    Since you are a scientist, you’re always open to see contradicting research and analysis, and are willing to change your mind if have a higher probability of being accurate than the view you hold right now.

    Really looking forward to your response!

    • Hi Aziz,

      The ketogenic diet is a tool. The ketogenic metabolic state has costs and benefits compared to the non-ketogenic state, rendering it suitable for certain people, not for others. To say it is a ‘fad’ is just as silly as saying everyone should be using the ketogenic diet.

      • Aziz says:

        Hi Menno, I hope you’re doing well and I do wish you a great holiday period!

        You said that the ketogenic diet is a tool.

        Well, if someone is feeling better and thinking clearer on the ketogenic diet, do you think it’s not good for them to live in a ketogeneic state “forever”?

        Because the word “tool” can imply that it’s something temporary to get to a specific goal then stopped.

  7. Aziz says:

    Because of you, Menno, I started going Keto and it’s pretty awesome so far. I have much better alertness and focus, and I see results!

    I was wondering about something though: how fast does one drop off keto if eating some carbs?

    I’ll be visiting family in New Year, and in my case my mother will insist that I have some cake at midnight since it’s a family tradition to start the year with something sweet.

    So the question is: If I do take that piece of cake, does that put me back in square zero and I have to start again 3 weeks or more of keto adaptation to get back to the same state I am in now?

    Is 1 time enough to drop out of Keto? Otherwise, what is the threshold at which one just stops being in Keto?

    Thanks for being awesome, Menno, and for spreading the true knowledge not the Bro-Science stuff.

    • You’ll essentially immediately go out of ketosis, i.e. after a single meal, if you eat enough carbs. You can measure this with ketone blood/urine/breath monitors, which you should be using during a ketogenic diet.

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