Grains for your gains?

Is there any truth to the ‘wheat belly’ phenomenon? Did you know grains are loaded with anti-nutrients that make your body incapable of fully absorbing their nutrients, and even worse, impair your ability to absorb protein?


Find the answers in this article.


  1. Toro Do says:

    This is pretty informative and at the same time very sad. This means, we can have cake or any desert that uses some form of flour (which is grain based)? FML

  2. Zach says:


    Very informative. Can you comment on gluten free grains such as oats? I see you mention them but am unclear if they are something that is considered safer than wheat?


      • Thanks Menno! So basically stick to rice, potatoes, veggies, fruit, etc for the most optimal gains and induldge in grains sparingly. For me – I have oats 1 time per day but rest of diet is potaotes & rice, ive been doing this past 5 months mainly for digestive purposes & have noticed HUGE differences in muscle/strength gains and general digestion. I still sneak in some cookies or grains like pizza like 1x per week tho :)

  3. Marek Psiuk says:

    Hey Menno,

    I like your work a lot. Have read a lot of your articles and listened to many interviews. You seem to hit the spot in many aspects of the nutrition & training field.

    After reading this article I had a feeling that you are focusing a lot on the “anti-nutrients” side of the coin and not exploring the nutritious side to a sufficient extent.

    Let’s just focus on beans and legumes. These guys seem quite awesome when it comes to general health and weight loss: . I mean there are many studies showing that adding beans to your diet have a positive and not negative health effects. Sure, your article was focusing on gainzz and not the health. But gainz or not, a health is always nice to have ;)

    So we have quite a bunch references showing that beans can be good for you. Are there references showing that they are bad? Sure, I get it that antinutrients are there. But why are beans so healthy? And are there articles showing that people eating beans had not positive but rather negative impacts on their health?

    I know that your article was on a Paleo site and they do not see much merit in bean eating … but … evidence is evidence ;). Adding a paragraph about the “bright” side of the beans and concluding that “you probably should be having some amount of them in your diet but hey … soak them and cook well before eating” would sound definitely more evidence-based to me. It seems especially valuable to vegetarians and vegans that often turn to beans/legumes to hit their protein requirements. Not only beans can help them to get sufficient protein but also stay healthy in the process.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Mya says:

    I’m so glad to see this info, that I recently discovered, on this website. I am learning to avoid phyic acid foods while planning to build muscle.

    If you know about this low key topic, I believe you will be correct in other info regarding bodybuilding & health. Its hard to find trustworthy info online because so many fitness websites say different things.

    I will stick with bayesianBB for now. :)

  5. Mya says:

    I just recently stumbled across weighted blankets to help one sleep better especially for ppl suffering with sleep disorders, anxiety, & a lot more other conditions. I thought I’d let you know. I was listening to a few of your interviews so thats how I know. I hope this helps.

    But its a good chance you probably know about this already. Take care & thanks for all the wonderful info. :)

    • I personally prefer heavier blankets as well, but the cited study found no improvement in sleep quality, so it’s doubtful if there’s any point for adults without anxiety disorders.

  6. Eric says:

    So according to this white bread is ok ?

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