Gender differences in training [Interview]

Jeff Nippard interviewed Menno Henselmans about gender differences in training.

4:01 – Muscular growth potential of women
9:45 – What about testosterone in women?
12:00 – What about anabolic steroid use in women?
17:00 – Are there upper/lower body differences?
20:44 – What is physiologically different about a man and a women’s muscles?
23:36 – Muscle damage, metabolic stress and Schoenfeld’s model of hypertrophy
32:13 – What rep range is best for women?
37:00 – Why focus more on type 1 fiber hypertrophy for women?
41:56 – Training frequency
44:24 – Rest periods and tempo
47:15 – Cardio: HIIT vs LISS for women
53:11 – Training/diet implications around the menstrual cycle
54:55 – Refeed discussion – why they’re overrated
1:08:35 – Should women set up macros differently than men?


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  1. Dmitry says:

    Great talk, Menno. I see as you are on the same page with Borge Fagerli and don’t feel the need going to failure on any of your working sets, correct?

  2. Erica says:

    Menno, you mentioned that women have a glycogen sparing metabolism and use more fat as fuel for exercise, but from what I have seen, this is only true for low-mod intensity cardio, not weight training sessions, aerobic activity, or just at rest. So why do you still think that women would benefit from a high fat diet and don’t respond well to refeeds ?

  3. Davena says:

    This is my favorite episode. As a female this hit all my grey areas and I have been training for over a decade. Kudos to you both.

  4. Davena says:

    I do have one question. How much does the Depo Provera shot impact muscle growth?
    Was recently put on the shot as my training was being hurt by heavy cycles that caused anemia.

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