Best of social media 2015 III

Here are the top posts from my social media (Facebook and Twitter) of October to the end of 2015, selected based on a combination of Likes, shares, comments, feedback and personal preference.


1. A casual pic


2. Lonnie wins the Danish nationals and can do more pull-ups than the average yoga class combined


3. Heart health dogma


4. Not sure if gym


5. The bros had it all wrong about rest periods


6. Sorry, no shortcuts


7. Menstrual periodization

8. Bayesian Bodybuilding’s new research team


9. Stretching: a central mechanism?


10. Dogan Tekin sets 2 national records


11. Fat acceptance backfires


12. Why coaches use one-size-fits-all programs


13. Strength training beats cardio or a combination for fat loss ánd health


  1. Nathan says:

    Hey Menno, is there much research on the mental health benefits of resistance training specifically. The research that shows exercise improves literally just about every aspect of cognitive function and mental health uses aerobic training as the mode of exercise. Anecdotely I’ve found that I get the same noticeable (often incredibly noticeable) cognitive and mental health improvements after my bodybuilding sessions as I do after my conditioning sessions and I didn’t know if research supports my own experience which is that any form of exercise produces the cognitive benefits. The effects of exercise on the brain are an incredibly fascinating yet generally ignored subject by fitness community who only looks at exercise as a way to getting stronger and look better naked.



    • There isn’t nearly as much research on strength training, but it appears that strength training also has benefits for cognitive functioning, though not as many as endurance training.

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