Best of social media 2015 I

Here are the top posts from my social media (Facebook and Twitter) of January – March 2015, selected based on a combination of Likes, shares, comments, feedback and personal preference.


1. IIFYM is nót good for compliance


2. Stronger than cancer


3. Charles Poliquin plagiarizing


4. My favorite marketing is no marketing


5. Insulin for gains? Bro, please.


6. Clickbait


7. Okay actually this is my favorite marketing method


8. Self-improvement


9. Protein powder ad


10. Breast milk is the new whey


  1. Nice, my review on insulin in the top 10. Let’s see if I can make the top 3 in 2016!

  2. Aart-Jan says:

    Nice read, thanks! Regarding your #1 article, I (and I think many others as well) would really appreciate and article from your hand about compliance / motivation when following a diet. I try to check all your posts but don’t think I’ve ever come across this yet.

    • An upcoming interview will cover some compliance. Other than that, my methods are so far only accessible in my PT Course (one of the most popular topics actually) and at my lectures for Paleo f(x).

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