4 More big bodybuilding myths

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Bodybuilding. The word immediately evokes distaste in many people. Bronzed, oiled up men in thongs showing off their clearly unnaturally large bodies…and women that look just like men. I understand the stigma, yet I consider myself a bodybuilder. In part 2 of this series I’ll show you why you probably should be bodybuilding too.

At its core, if you strip away the competitions and the steroid usage, the natural bodybuilding lifestyle simply comes down to lowering your body fat percentage and increasing muscular size. This is achieved through heavy resistance training in combination with a controlled diet. Here are 4 more reasons why you should consider bodybuilding in your training even if you have no interest in competing.


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  1. anton says:

    are there any more studies like Saner et al worth looking at for a long term sufferer of music practice induced tendinosis? intitially stopped lifting as i thought it might aggravate it but am starting to think otherwise. having seen several proffessionals there seems to be a fantastically typical lack of consensus and array of misinformation. Any help/time would be enormously appreciated.

  2. thanlon says:

    Just stumbled upon your site within the last week and have spent several hours on it since then. Very much appreciate your content.

    Regarding positive body re-composition, how might one reliably monitor a trend of actual fat loss (versus just weight loss) coupled with lean muscle mass retention/possibly growth?

    I was thinking of using a fat caliper in conjunction with tracking total body weight, with the idea of- if there’s less fat to pinch in key areas while weight is decreasing slightly or remaining the same, that’s a good indication of positive body re-composition.

  3. tyrion says:

    Considering backloading protein is beneficial, we should train in the evening and workout nutrition is a scam, when and what should we eat during the period between waking and workout? Also does skipping breakfast affect the circadian rhythm, so the optimal workout hours get delayed maybe?

  4. Alex says:

    Natural bodybuilding legends like Vince Gironda clearly had amazing bodies while still maintaining a natural look, steroids has destroyed the industry and much of the mentality.

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